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Article: 8 Jewelry Tricks That Will Change Your Life

8 Trucos Sobre Joyería Que Cambiarán Tu Vida -

8 Jewelry Tricks That Will Change Your Life

8 Jewelry Tricks That Will Change Your Life

From striking, entertaining, elegant or inherited, jewelry has that power that makes it unique and gives our outfits a special and exclusive touch. This is why it is important to know the best tricks to keep them safe from tangles, deterioration or get the best shine possible. Scroll down and learn 8 of these jewelry tricks that will change your life!

1. Measure your finger with a piece of paper to determine your ring size.

2. Choose black stones and heavy metals when buying cheap jewelry.

Avoiding excess shine or very flimsy accessories makes the accessories look better quality.

3. Beer cleans gold and ketchup cleans silver.

The normal products we have around the house can be the best cleaners for our jewelry. Others that also work are sparkling mineral water, vodka and white vinegar.

4. Perspiration, salt water and perfume are the top 3 most harmful things for accessories.

Keep your jewelry away from these three agents to avoid discoloration.

5. Use a dishwasher and a toothbrush to shine a diamond.

This is the fastest way to restore the shine to your jewelry.

6. Store your delicate necklaces inside a light bulb to prevent them from getting tangled.

This is a secret to keeping your delicate necklaces safe and sound.

7. Clear boxes are the smartest way to store your accessories.

By being transparent and leaving the content visible, this prohibits you from having everything messy.

8. Baby oil, a pin, and baby powder can help you untangle a necklace.

Apply the lubricant, then loosen the knot with the pin and use the talcum powder to help you untangle the strands.

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