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Article: Tricks to clean your costume jewelry

Trucos para limpiar tus joyas de fantasía -

Tricks to clean your costume jewelry

Option 1

In a container, place a little water and an effervescent aspirin. Put your stainless steel jewelry in, leave it for five minutes. Remove and dry with a flannel or clean cotton cloth.

Option 2

Dampen a cotton ball or cloth with eye makeup remover and clean your jewelry. Try to rub each piece until it takes on its original color.

Option 3

In a cup place a tablespoon of baking soda, half of dish soap and warm water. Stir well, add your jewelry and carve. Once you think they are clean, remove the excess mixture with a clean, dry piece of cloth.

Now that you know these 3 tricks to clean your costume jewelry that do remove the black. You won't have to say goodbye to your jewelry anymore!

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